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Routinely Available Information

The following classes of records are held in the Social Welfare Appeals Office.

Internal administration

Records in this category involve the day to day management of the Office such as the publication of annual report, etc.

Appeals administration: 

Records in this category include statistical material on appeals, which is available in the Annual Report.

Appeals legislation: 

The records include Acts and Regulations, relevant Court judgements.

FOI Disclosure Log: 

Non-Personal Requests 2015 to date:

Summary of Non-Personal FOI Requests to the Social Welfare Appeals Office from January 2015 to date:

*FOI Disclosure Log (Non-Personal Requests)

Date of Request

Requester Category

SOCIAL WELFARE APPEALS OFFICE (SWAO) FOI Requests (Categories of Records Sought)  - Summary

Decision Made

Date of Reply



The number of appeals made to the Social Welfare Appeals Office against sanctions placed on jobseekers payments, and the outcome of the appeals from 2011 to 2017




Updated 05/03/2018

Personal records: 

Records in this category include a computerised tracking system containing limited personal information for monitoring appeals, correspondence relating to appeals and reviews of appeals, copies of decisions, etc. Most of the personal information relating to the appeal will be on the file held by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

The FOI Act is designed to allow public access to information held by public bodies which is NOT routinely available through other sources.

Last modified: 12/08/2015