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Case Studies » Sickness » Disabilty Allowance - Case from 2017 Annual Report (ref: 2017/19)

Background: The appellant, in his 30s, applied for Disability Allowance and was refused by the Department on the grounds that he was not substantially restricted in undertaking suitable employment by reason of a specific disability that may reasonably be expected to continue for a period of at least a year. The appellant had a diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder and alcohol dependence. He was prescribed both Lustral and Ativan and was attending a Consultant Psychiatrist. The ability/disability profile was completed by his GP in October 2016 and indicated that he was severely affected in mental health/behaviour, but normal in the other 15 areas.

Consideration: An updated GP report from January 2017 stated that some element of training and activity may be beneficial for the appellant but that he also believes his current condition renders him substantially restricted in undertaking work which would otherwise be suitable taking into account his age, experience and qualifications. Having carefully examined all the evidence in this case, and paying particular attention to the GP’s updated report, the Appeals Officer concluded that appellant was severely affected by his mental health issues and that this constituted a substantial restriction in undertaking suitable work.

Outcome: Appeal allowed.