Social Insurance Cases

Social Insurance Case 1
Question at Issue: Insurability for Pay-Related Social Insurance (PRSI).

Social Insurance Case 2
Question at Issue: Whether the appellant’s spouse was employed under a contract of service, i.e. as an employee, in his business (a limited company).

Social Insurance Case 3
Question at Issue: : Whether the appellants are engaged under a contract of service as employees, insurable at the Class A rate of social insurance, or a contract for service as self-employed persons, insurable at the Class S rate.

Social Insurance Case 4
Question at Issue: Whether the appellant's employment during a career break was insurable for all benefits (PRSI Class A) under the Social Welfare Acts.

Social Insurance Case 5
Question at Issue: the appropriate rate of Pay- Related Social Insurance (PRSI) contribution due in respect of the employment of a person in the appellant’s medical practice in the period September 2007 to November 2008.

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