Pension Cases

State Pension (Contributory) Case 1:
Question at issue: Backdating claim and payment of Adult Dependent Allowance.

State Pension (Contributory) Case 2:
Question at Issue: Whether the correct rate of pension had been awarded in light of the appellant’s assertion that she had been in employment for which no social insurance contributions were recorded.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 1:
Question at Issue: Non-disclosure of means - revised decision resulting in the assessment of an overpayment against the late pensioner’s estate.

State pension (Non-contributory) Case 2:
Question at Issue: Valuation of premises in assessing capital as means.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 3:
Question at Issue: Backdating award of pension. Issue as to the provision of information on entitlements also raised.

State pension (Non-contributory) Case 4:
Question at Issue: Retrospective assessment of means, to take account of the fact that the appellant’s wife had been in employment while he had been paid a qualified adult increase for her in his pension. An overpayment of some €21,000 was assessed.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 5:
Question at Issue: Means assessment – capital acquired by the appellant following settlement of her late brother’s estate.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 6:
Question at Issue: Whether family home is appellant’s “principal residence” for means disregard purposes for Old Age Pension, in circumstances where couple had separated some years before spouse’s death.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 7:
Question at Issue: The Appellant is appealing the decision to terminate his Old Age Pension entitlement as his means exceed the statutory limit.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 8:
Question at Issue: Assessment of savings as ‘unreported capital’ following the death of a pensioner, resulting in an overpayment of some €34,000 which the Department of Social and Family Affairs sought to recover from his estate.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 9:
Question at Issue: Whether a pension could be backdated to an earlier date when the appellant had applied for pension but had been refused.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 10:
Question at Issue: Whether proceeds from the sale of the appellant’s former family home are assessable as means.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 11:
Question at Issue: Assessment of means derived from capital.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 12:
Question at Issue: Whether appellant has attained pension age, in the absence of a birth certificate, for the purpose of claiming state pension (non-contributory).

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 13:
Question at Issue: Whether appellant should be assessed with means derived from an assurance policy payable to his wife’s children.

State Pension (Non-contributory) Case 14:
Question at Issue: Whether the capital value of a business premises in respect of which the appellant was never properly registered as the owner should be assessed for the purpose of determining the appellant's means for non-contributory pension.










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